“Develop an identity which includes qualities and specifics that set us apart in the eyes of our patients.”.


We are an innovative team committed to excellence in health, safety and human quality.

Vision 2014 - 2016

Be a sustainable institution, positioned in the healthcare market, with safety, quality, prestige medical scientific and technological progress, comprising staff developed holistically.


Attention, Reliability, Sensitivity, Teamwork, Integrity, Creativity and Innovation, People and Organizational Development.



 On the 2nd of December 1961, in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco, Bernadette Hospital officially initiated their innovative services in medical obstetrics and gynecology. Their medical staff created maternity packages and offered personalized attention and excellence.  

  Due to the imminent increase in work in all medical and hospital capacity , in 1965 the services of the institution were extended to include an emergency department , three operating rooms , new obstetrics ward , recovery department , cafeteria , pharmacy , clinical laboratory , pathology laboratory , radiology department , urology, department of pediatrics , neonatal therapy and a chapel. These additions created a new modern concept of hospital comfort and elegance that all patients require. In later years due to the expanding capacity and increasing services the hospital made the decision to become full service.

  In 2000 Bernadette Hospital joined a group of cardiologists which formed the "Guadalajara Cardiovascular Institute." At the time this institute was the most modern catheterization laboratory in Latin America. 

  During their development and growth, Bernadette Hospital has received a variety of awards for quality and professional service, among which are the "Gold Medal for Quality and Service" (Golden Medal for Quality and Service), the "Award at Prestigious World" (Prestige Worldwide Award), "El Sol de Oro for Excellence" (Sun of Gold to Excellence), the Silver Star of Merit and Presea Tapatiotl ".

  In 2004 our founder was recognized by the Minister of Health (Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah) with the "FRAY ANTONIO ALCALDE FOR HUMAN HEALTH QUALITY” prize, awarded for his contribution to the quality of health services in the city Guadalajara 

  In 2005, Bernadette Hospital obtained certification from the Ministry of Health, due to their commitment to quality.

  In December 2008, Bernadette Hospital received the Certification of Health Care Facilities (Hospital Certification ) for the second time , becoming the first Recertified hospital in the state of Jalisco.

  In 2011 the Hospital Achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification for meeting International Standards and being committed to continuous improvement.

  In 2012, Bernadette Hospital complied with the hygiene standards in the NMX NORMEX F605-2004, therefore receiving the "H” recognition given by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, representing establishments that handle food and beverages.

"The worth of private hospitals is neither measured by the size of the building, or by showing their luxurious exterior and interior design. They are measured by the quality of the human workforce that forms it. This workforce includes many people such as doctors, nurses and many administrative and operational staff from different areas. Together they give of their humanity, sacrifice their health, time, fun and fellowship, and perhaps even their personal interest to ensure the health of the needy."



Dr. Sergio Nájar Origel

CEO and Founder