We simplify the hospital experience for our patients addressing their needs and those of their families.

Admission process

In Hospital Bernadette, our main concerns are comfort and welfare of our patients. With this purpose we provide the following information which will be useful for the time of hospitalization:

  • For admission to Bernardette Hospital, our staff will ask for the prescription from your doctor (if you do not have it they will call your doctor), other general information for your chart, and proof of address or personal identification.
  • During your registration they should ask you for a deposit, the amount of which varies according to your admission purposes. You can choose to leave this deposit in cash, check, or using a credit card
  • If an insurance company or a company who partners with our hospital will be assisting or paying in full for your hospital stay it is necessary that at the moment you are admitted you show the admission staff your insurance card or credentials which prove you are affiliated with the insurance or partnering company. If your insurance or company provided a letter which authorizes direct payment you should give this to the receptionist as well. In all cases photo identification is necessary. Included in the documentation you are required to sign, is a promise note that you will pay any amount that the insurance will not pay.
  • If you have a major medical insurance policy and you do not have the letter authorizing direct payment, Bernardette Hospital will help you perform the appropriate actions. The admissions attendants can provide the forms needed for you and your doctor to fill out. These forms should be filled out and returned to the cashier office as soon as possible. You have 24 hours in which to receive the authorization for direct pay from your provider.
  • For safety purposes Hospital Bernardette prohibits entry of children under the age of 8 years old, except if the child is the patient. Please refrain from bringing children into the hospital with you.
  • The Customer Service area is available to answer any questions or requirement. Ext. 210