We simplify the hospital experience for our patients addressing their needs and those of their families.

Regulation for patients

  • By provision of the Health Department, it’s STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to smoke or drink alcohol in any are of the hospital. There is a smoking area at the parking lot
  • For your own safety, it’s not allowed to bring any food for the patient.
  • Parking is limited to a car by room and is subject to availability. (Please request your parking card in the front desk).
  • As a precaution, if the patient has the order “nothing by mouth”, the hospital will not provide food for relatives.
  • Hospital Bernardette has WIFI. If you would like to access it please call the admissions office to receive the password.
  • For the tranquility of our patients, it’s very important to remain silent in the corridors and common areas.

Medications from outside the hospital

For your security during your hospital treatment use of sample medications, medications from public institutions and or medications which were not bought within the hospital is strictly prohibited.

After receiving authorization from your admitting physician, continuous lifestyle medications may be useed at your own risk. In order to maintain an accurate documentation of medications received each medication should be registered during your admission and given to the nursing staff for safe keeping and administration .

We are not responsible for the use of medications from outside the hospital.