We simplify the hospital experience for our patients addressing their needs and those of their families.

Payment system

INFORMATION REGARDING PAYMENT FOR HOSPITAL STAY Important notice: In order to authorize admission to Bernardette Hospital, each patient is obligated to have a responsible party to sign all legal documents and authorizations.

Payment with Insurance

  • For care received in Bernardette Hospital, pay in full including hospital stay, medications and materials, are expected upon discharge from the hospital. In the event that you’re insurance company cannot or will not pay in full and if there is no letter guaranteeing payment the patient or responsible party will be expected to cover the expense.
  • Notification: The following insurance companies do not pay full Hospital stay. If you are covered by one of these companies please be aware that you will be expected to pay the full Hospital bill upon discharge from the Hospital.
  • Medicare, Medicall, Tricare

  • Recommendation: If you are covered by insurance it is recommended to have an official preauthorization letter before being admitted to the hospital. If you do not have this official letter, the hospital will assist in the communications with your provider. The amount of coverage depends on the specifications of your insurance company.
  • Non Insurance Payment

  • For care received in Bernardette Hospital, cash paying patients are expected to pay their bill in full every other day during their hospital stay.
  • Notification: Payments for the hospital can be made with cash, check, or Credit Card free of extra charge. Payments for medical staff should be made in cash or check. En case it is necessary to pay medical staff with credit card an extra tax will be applied.