Years of experience and a relentless pursuit of improvement behind us, and this is reflected in the recognition of those who share our common goal: the health and well-being.

Social Responsibility

Green Hospital

Hospital Bernardette has a continuing commitment to the community and the Environment. To assist in the preservation of our planet we manage various activities such as:

  • Programmed lighting and different types of lighting which have motion sensors in order to preserve electricity.
  • First and foremost we reduced our paper use by 60% by initiating computer based manuals in the majority of the hospital. When it is necessary to print we reuse and recycle. All of these activities are done without risking patient confidentiality..
  • To prevent any type of battery being thrown away we have areas in the hospital where they can be collected order to turn them into the appropriate entity.
  • The Hospital requires waste separation and educates the staff regarding this issue.

We care from you, with heart.

Myocardial ischemia is considered the leading cause of death in Mexico. With this knowledge we should be making lifestyle changes which include fewer intakes of fat and carbohydrates, tobacco, emotional stress and have a more active lifestyle. This would assist in the prevention of obesity, metabolic syndrome and high risk cardiac symptoms. Hospital Bernadette has public initiatives which focus on cardiovascular health.

El desarrollo del proyecto en esta materia tuvo sus bases en CICIG (Curso Internacional de Cardiología Invasiva Guadalajara), evento anual de carácter médico con una larga trayectoria que es reconocido por su alto nivel académico y está organizado por el Instituto Cardiovascular de Guadalajara (ICG) (empresa que forma parte del Corporativo Hospitalario Bernardette), con el fin de compartir los últimos avances en el desarrollo de la cardiología moderna. En el año 2012, el desarrollo de CICIG da pie a un nuevo proyecto enfocado al bienestar de la sociedad en general: CICIG a la comunidad.

CICIG for the community

CICIG for the community is a project for the general public which started during the days of CICIG 2012 and aims to raise awareness about the importance of screening, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Corporate Hospital Bernadette provides information through an annual program of free presentations and workshops on treatment of heart ailments and to promote the adoption of good habits that contribute to improving quality of life.

In addition to the activities in this annual every year ICG conducts informative presentations aimed at the wider community where attendees also provide the opportunity for free medical checkups which assess their health and cardiovascular risk.